Laser epilation

Beard area (for men) 70€

Forearms (both hands) 80€

Upper arms (both hands) 80€

Lower legs for women 145€

Lower legs for men 165€

Thighs for women 145€

Thighs for men 165€

Legs full length for women 255€

Legs full length for men 275€

Hands full length 110€

Palms and fingers 40€

Shoulders 80€

Armpits 70€

Back (thick hair) 190€

Back (thin hair) 135€

Chest (thick hair) 180€

Chest (thin hair) 130€

Nipples 25€

Classic Bikini (side edges) 80€

Full Bikini (Brazil) 120€

Buttocks, buttocks intimate area for women 45€

Buttocks, buttock intimate area for men 85€

Abdominal area for women 40€

Abdominal area for men 90€

Neck 40€

Eyebrows, whiskers 40€

Cheeks 40€

Upper lip 30€

Chin 40€

Ears and nose 45€

Whole face 95€

Soothing skin care procedure after laser epilation 40€

Special offers for laser epilation for women

Armpits, lower legs, bikini area (standard price 335 euro) 180€

Armpits, legs full length, bikini area (standard price 445 euro) 220€

Armpits, forearms, lower legs with knees, bikini area (standard price 415 euro) 220€

Armpits, lower legs with knees, upper lip, chin (standard price 285 euro) 150€

Armpits, forearms, lower legs with knees (standard price 295 euro) 155€

Armpits, forearms, legs full length, bikini area (standard price 525 euro) 260€

Special offers for laser epilation for men

Back, armpits, chest (standard price 440 euro) 220€

Back, chest, armpits, bikini area (standard price 560 euro) 280€

Chest, legs, bikini (standard price 575 eur) 280€

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