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Treatment planning and diagnostics

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The cornerstone of therapy is correct + identification and precise diagnostics of aesthetic and medical complaints of the patients. The professionals of our clinic and the technological capacity offered by our clinic ensure the modern and precise medical assessment of your teeth, gums, tooth supporting bone and skin.

By using the obtained information, the specialists of our clinic will create your individual therapy plan, which will describe the health condition of your mouth and skin and provide a detailed description of the costs of potential therapy methods and treatment.

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In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia, during the visit to our clinic, you must demonstrate your personal ID document every time. For adults, it is an ID card or a passport, for children – birth certificate or a passport of their parent, where a record regarding the child has been made.

The employee of the admissions department at our clinic will draw up a medical record card for you, as well as will ask you to sign a consent form for the processing of your personal data.

Your attending physician or physician’s assistant, working in a team together with your physician, will invite you for a visit.

The initial survey of your general health condition will be performed in the office of the physician to determine potential medical risks that may arise during your therapy process; the results will be recorded in your outpatient medical record.

Then your complaints and desires will be established. They will also be recorded in the aforementioned outpatient medical record.

Then the visual inspection of your oral cavity will be performed and the results of the inspection will be recorded in your outpatient medical record.

If required, X-Ray images may be taken or three-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography may be performed.

In the event of orthodontic therapy, an additional cephalogram and visual photographing may be performed; these examinations may also be performed in the cases when the prosthetic therapy of teeth is required.

Upon summarising the obtained results, your physician will explain potential treatment options to you, draw up a therapy plan, and indicate the costs of planned therapy.

In more complex cases, the therapy plan with the potential therapy options will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you, or discussed in detail during the next therapy planning or first therapy visit.

If the therapy plan is drawn up during a visit, your physician will issue a detailed list of required visits to our clinic and the duration of these visits.

After the visit, a physician will lead you to the reception desk of our clinic, where you will be able to pay for the visit, as well as arrange the time of the next visits in accordance with the therapy plan.

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