Dental correction with braces

Braces are a common therapy method in orthodontics. Brace systems may ensure controlled movements of all teeth, as well as the relocation of an individual tooth or a group of teeth. The brace is fixed to the surface of the tooth with an adhesive, without traumatising the tooth itself. Then a wire is fixed to the braces, which ensures interaction between the braces to straighten the teeth.

Metal braces 

Metal braces are the classical type of braces They are made of high-quality nickel, titanium and an alloy of other metals, and efficiently adjust the teeth. Usually this type of braces is chosen by youths, because the wire is attached to the brace by means of special elastic rubber ligatures. Every time a patient arrives to get the braces tightened, they can choose from a range of rubber ligature colours, which makes the tooth adjustment process more interesting and attractive for youths.

Aesthetic braces

They are made of ceramic or synthetic sapphire. They are white or practically translucent and, if a white colour wire is also used, the adjustment of teeth is made more attractive compared to the use of metallic braces.


Consultation of an orthodontic specialist for children up to 18 years of age
Consultation of an orthodontic specialist
Panoramic x-ray (OPG)
Cephalogram for clinic patients
Ceramic braces for 1 jaw
Metal braces for 1 jaw
Braces adjustment visit (for 1 jaw)
Surcharge for changing or installing white or gold-plated arch to 1 jaw
Repeated bonding of brace
Removal of braces
Fixed retainer
Retention tray
All prices


Viktors Avkstols
Certified Prosthodontist, Certified Orthodontist, Head of Clinic
Alīna Gončarova
Certified Orthodontist

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