Treatment planning and diagnostics

Specialist consultation 69€

Control visit (15 minutes) 49€

Diagnosis of mucosal diseases, preparation of treatment plan 69€

Mucosal diseases specialist short consultation (15 minutes) 59€

Treatment plan preparation 69€

Orthodontic specialist consultation for children under 18 years of age 49€

Cone beam computed tomography 69€

Cone beam computed tomography for endodontic examinations 49€

Panoramic X-ray (OPG) 49€

Bite-wing X-Ray 19€

X-ray (1 tooth) 9€

Cephalogram for clinic patients 39€

Cephalogram 60€

3D scan with 3Shape scanner 70€

Certified prosthodontist Viktors Avkštols individual price list

Specialist consultation 69€

Control visit (15 minutes) 49€

Treatment plan preparation 69€

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