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Orthodontic specialist consultation for children under 18 years of age 45€

Orthodontic specialist consultation 65€

Ordoline diagnostic tests for treatment plan preparation 120€

Preparation and presentation of Ordoline treatment plan 280€

Ordoline Easy aligners for both jaws 1200€

Ordoline Light aligners for both jaws 2300€

Ordoline Complete aligners for both jaws 3000€

Ordoline One Easy aligners for 1 jaw 800€

Ordoline One Light aligners for 1 jaw 1500€

Ordoline One Complete aligners for 1 jaw 2000€

Fee for rescanning of Ordoline aligners, in case of the patients failure to comply with the treatment process 600€

Ceramic braces for 1 jaw 950€

Gilded braces for 1 jaw 750€

Metal braces for 1 jaw 730€

Braces adjustment visit (for 1 jaw) 45€

Braces adjustment visit for both jaws 55€

Surcharge for changing or installing white or gold-plated arch to 1 jaw 15€

Repeated bonding of brace 40€

Removal of braces for 1 jaw 45€

Removal of braces for both jaws 55€

Herbst functional appliance 520€

Planning of the functional appliance (production cost of appliance is not included in the price) 105€

Installing functional appliance (production costs of functional appliance are not included in the price) 100€

Visit with the functional appliance 45€

Fixed retainer 80€

Air Nivol retainer 140€

Air Nivol retainer set (for both jaws) 180€

Retention tray 130€

Repair of fixed hardware 60€

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