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Endodontic specialist consultation 65€

Root canal treatment for 1 rooted tooth 260€

Root canal treatment for 2 rooted tooth 300€

Root canal treatment for 3 rooted tooth 360€

Root canal treatment for 4 rooted tooth 390€

Root canal treatment for 5 rooted tooth 420€

Root canal treatment for 6 rooted tooth 460€

Root canal retreatment for 1 rooted tooth 330€

Root canal retreatment for 2 rooted tooth 400€

Root canal retreatment for 3 rooted tooth 500€

Root canal retreatment for 4 rooted tooth 530€

Root canal retreatment for 5 rooted tooth 560€

Root canal retreatment for 6 rooted tooth 600€

Preparing of one root canal 150€

Preparing of two root canals 180€

Preparing of three root canals 210€

Preparing of four root canals 220€

Preparing of five root canals 240€

Preparing of six root canals 270€

Partial preparing of six root canals 190€

Completion of six root canal preparation 80€

Preparing of tooth with complex, multiple-canal system (3 to 6 canals) 240€

Repeated root canal preparation (additional session) for tooth with 1-2 rootcanals 80€

Repeated root canal preparation (additional session) for tooth with 3 and more rootcanals 100€

Filling of one root canal 110€

Filling of two root canals 120€

Filling of three root canals 150€

Filling of four root canals 170€

Filling of five root canals 180€

Filling of six root canals 190€

Biomaterial application (MTA, etc.) in apical or middle part of the root 60€

Biomaterial application (MTA, etc.) in tooth crown or upper part of the root 50€

Apical microsurgery 295€

Apical microsurgery (two teeth in one surgical area) 355€

Repeated root canal medication placement 45€

Cement, fibreglass pins removal 90€

Partial removal of filling from 3 and more root canals 75€

Diagnostics 45€

Localization of calcified root canals 50€

Microsurgical revision 190€

Vital pulp amputation 65€

Screw removal 90€

Instrument fragment and other metal object removal from the root canal 90€

Root inlay removal 105€

Filling removal (paste, gutta-percha, etc.) from 1 canal 70€

Filling removal(paste, gutta-percha, etc.) from 2 canals 100€

Pildījuma izņemšana (pasta, gutaperča u.c.) no 3 un vairāk kanāliem 140€

Complete filling removal from 3 and more canals (if not performed during the entire session) 70€

Removal of a canal filling and/or correcting iatrogenic factors in complex root canal system 145€

Pulpektomy or partial root canal treatment for 1 to 2 canals 90€

Pulpektomy or partial root canal treatment for 3 and more canals 120€

Root canal treatment with unformed apex (each session) 100€

Root canal filling material copping (with glass ionomer and other materials) 20€

Closing root canals with medication (Ca hydroxy etc.) 20€

Vital pulp therapy for teeth with unformed roots (each session) 65€

Internal tooth whitening (first session) 95€

Internal tooth whitening (each following session) 75€

Tooth isolation 10€

Dental crown revision - temporary filling removal 65€

Dental crown revision - restoration removal 100€

Creating temporary tooth edge from composite and/or other materials 25€

Tooth revision with 1 to 2 root canals -filling removal (1 session) 140€

Tooth revision with 3 and more root canals - filling removal 175€

Tooth closure with temporary restoration 40€

Tooth closure with permanent filling in case of small cavity 40€

Tooth trepanation through crown 40€

Endodontist’s work with microscope (1 session) 130€

Endodontics specialist work with a microscope in complex cases (1 session) 160€

Additional charge for manipulation exceeding manipulation time limit (each 60 minutes) 120€

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