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Revitalisation of skin using the PRX-T33 procedure

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PRX-T33 is an innovative subcutaneous bio-stimulation agent developed by the Italian WiQo brand, which was initially created to reduce the scars left by measles and pustules in the skin of children; however, nowadays it is used as an efficient method for making your skin smooth, restoring its firmness, reducing the signs of ageing, smoothening out wrinkles and striae, as well as for reducing the scars left by pustules and smallpox.

This procedure provides an almost immediate effect. The procedure is suitable for all ages and sexes. It is pleasant and will only take 15 minutes of your time. It does not cause peeling of the skin and can be performed in any season, because the performance of the procedure does not require you to avoid direct sunlight, which means that you will be able to enjoy the summer sun, as well as the firmness of your skin.

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  • For the smoothening of atrophic scars left by measles, staphylococcal infection, pustules and other factors;
  • For the prevention of spots caused by pustules;
  • For the cleansing of facial skin, while improving the firmness of the skin and treating black pores and pustules;
  • For the bio-revitalisation of facial skin and the decollete area;
  • For the prevention and treatment of the signs of ageing of the face and decollete area by restoring the firmness of the skin in these areas, tightening loose skin and wrinkles;
  • For the reduction of hyperkeratosis (scaly skin);
  • For the reduction of striae.


At the beginning of the procedure, thorough cleansing of your face will be performed.

Then your skin will be covered with PRX-T33 agent, which will be massaged into the skin, until it is fully absorbed. The procedure will be performed 2 to 6 times depending on the objective of therapy.

At the end of the procedure, your skin will be rinsed with clean water and a nutritive and moisturising WiQo cream will be applied on your skin, which, thanks to the Shea butter that it contains, will restore the hydrolipid layer of your skin, protecting it against drying out and infections. The active ingredients of the cream, for instance, vitamins A and E and herbal extracts, will ensure additional vitality for your skin. 

The number of required repetitions of the procedure will be determined by a specialist of our clinic in co-ordination with your desires, the individual properties of your skin, and the required therapy objective. For instance, 2-5 sessions with an interval of one week between them are recommended for reducing the signs of ageing.

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