All on four - neizņemama zobu rindas konstrukcija, kas balstīta uz 4 implantiem

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Restoration of the tooth row with a non-removable structure known as an All-on-4 (all on four) is a revolutionary dental solution that allows to restore all teeth using a structure that is supported only on four implants.

This technique allows restoring functionality and aesthetics in cases where all teeth have been lost or irreversibly damaged and it is no longer possible to restore them.

In contrast to other implantation techniques, the All-on-4 approach provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution for restoration of the tooth row with the help of implants.

Strategical placement of the four implants provides a solid foundation for a full dental arch.

This technique not only saves time, but also eliminates the need for complex bone grafting manipulations, thus making this solution also available to patients with atrophied (reduced) jawbone volume. By using this technique, the patient regains his smile and self-confidence in a relatively shorter period of time, which greatly increases their quality of life.

Moreover, this procedure is planned and implemented with the help of digital technology, thus the course of the operation and the implant positions are modeled beforehand. In order to ensure exact performance, an implant positioning denture is used, allowing to achieve the most accurate result. With the use of modern technology, the procedure time is shortened as much as possible, increasing patient comfort.

How the procedure works? To ensure high-quality and safe results, the following steps are necessary for getting the new smile:


During the first visit, data are collected about the patient's oral cavity and overall health. A digital impression is taken to plan the position of the new teeth and smile, as well as to determine the new bite height if necessary.


During the second visit tooth prototypes may be checked to help evaluate the appearance, shape and bite height of the new teeth. A 3D (cone beam computed tomography) examination is performed.


During the third visit, a painless implantation procedure is performed under local anesthesia. When the implants are placed, the implantologist takes a digital impression again to precisely make the new temporary denture. After a few hours, the denture is screwed onto the implants.


For the first four weeks, it is recommended to eat softer food in order to get used to the new denture and to ensure successful implant integration into the jawbone. After the implant has completely integrated with the jawbone, which usually takes about 4-5 months, the new permanent denture is made.


Restoration of the tooth row with a non-removable structure (All On 4) from

Advantages of the All-on-4 technique:

• Helps prevent bone resorption (reduction)

• Reduces healing time

• Less invasive

• No bone grafting required

• Comfortable and non-removable dentures

• The final result is achieved relatively faster

• Temporary dentures are placed already on the day of operation

• Real teeth look and feel

• Improves oral health

• Completely restores the smile

• Restores facial contour and improves appearance

• Boosts confidence

• Easier maintenance

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Pacientam tika atjaunota smaida estētika un košļāšanas funkcija ar neizņemamu zobu rindas konstrukciju uz 4 implantiem


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