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Restorative treatment

Filling of 1 surface 90€

Filling of 2 surfaces 105€

Filling of 3 surfaces 125€

Filling of 3 surfaces with tooth cusp covering 145€

Filling of 4 and more surfaces 155€

Extra payment in case of deep caries 30€

Temporary filling placement 55€

Pulp amputation, temporary filling placement 75€

Restoration of worn tooth area or damaged filling 55€

Tooth crown renovation for one-root tooth 150€

Tooth crown renovation for multi-root tooth 180€

Composite onlay formation 215€

Tooth white spots treatment using ICON 100€

Tooth white spots treatment using ICON (for every additional tooth during 1 procedure) 65€

Erosion closing in the area of 1 to 6 teeth 145€

Alveolitis treatment 70€

Gingival curettage 65€

Mucosal disease consultation 50€

Diagnosis of mucosal diseases, preparation of treatment plan 65€

Anaesthesia (if not included in the procedure price) 15€

Computer-assisted system for local anesthesia with WAND STA system 45€

Sedation with nitrous oxide gas or laughing gas 70€

Night or bleaching tray 130€

Sports guard 140€

Miorelaxing tray 370€

Seal and Protect application for 1 tooth 9€

MI Varnish application 12€

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